"Water can flow... Water can crash..." opposites attract.

A real "crush" that Manuel Facchini, Creative Director of Byblos, had for this element, which we often take for granted, but which was, and still is, essential for the formation of life on our planet, in all its forms... fundamental element of evolution and change, an integral part of life in all its expressions.

Byblos “Watercrush” collection is a journey into the depths of the abyss where nature and technology come together in an amphibious woman, who is perfectly at ease both in and out of the water. 

For the Spring/Summer 2023 season Manuel Facchini, was fascinated by Canadian photographer Robin Cerutti, who managed to capture fascinating underwater portraits in his series entitled Mirrors.

This time Byblos expresses its DNA by founding it with the chromosomes of a creature of the abyss, wearing mini-dresses and jumpsuits with cuts and micro breakage laid with tulle that, like new wetsuits, wraps, protect and sometimes reveal its femininity.

They come out of the water in loose multi-pockets cargo pants, inspired by the shapes of life jackets and 3D heeled sandals in the shape of a tube-snorkel of scuba divers, as well as the chrome neo-rock necklaces that intertwine around the neck.

Plays of light and refractions characterize the collection: the dresses are covered with small geometric mirrors, transparent or colored, which reflect the perspective and transform it into a magical prism: flashes of a fluid, liquid and metallic atmosphere, of a planet still unknown.

The lapels of the jackets liquefy and melt into new ties, as well as shirts and skirts are sublimated in the long "manta" tail sleeves.

High technology for the clothes, covered with layered foils and gently over printed with the flows of the waves in crepes, in shapes as organic as geometric for the new Cyborg Syrens of Byblos.

The color palette includes all colors of the sea creatures and varies from lighter tones of turquoise, white and pink to darker colors such as blue and black. No vitamin colors may be missing for items and high-tech sports details.

Byblos mingles the eye to the rock and high-tech world using technical materials to immerse themselves in the marine world such as two-tone new scuba, eco lycra accosted and extra light but crunchy cottons, and soft cracks.