We are committed to having little or no impact on ecosystems or the environment.

Our mission: Innovation and sustainability

Byblos aims to bring innovation and technology to life through collections that embody the power of contrasts. To redefine the boundaries of fashion and ignite a global movement of self-expression.

Our mission is to inspire individuals to embrace our unique style, celebrate diversity, and express themselves confidently through innovative, sustainable, and inclusive fashion. We strive to create a positive impact as a lifestyle on society by fostering creativity, supporting ethical practices, and championing social causes. We envision a world where fashion becomes a powerful tool for self- discovery, empowerment, and positive change.

This mission reflects the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion, embracing individuality, promoting sustainability and inclusivity, and making a positive impact on society. By setting such a visionary mission, Byblos aims to go beyond just selling clothes and aims to become a catalyst for self-expression and positive transformation as well as explore innovation and hi-tech into fashion.

The paper used for the Byblos packaging is produced with vegetable fibers from trees and recycled textile fibers: cotton.
The residues of the cotton textile production are visible on the surface and give a unique tactile aspect.

  • Reuse cotton to replace 15% of the virgin tree cellulose
  • Contains 40% post-consumer recycled fibre
  • 45% FSC certified virgin cellulose
  • Produced with 100% self-produced green energy - Neutralized CO2 emissions
  • The textile products used are of Italian origin

Environmental benefits:

  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduction of energy production and import costs
  • Improvement of environmental conditions

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