About us

Ironic, cool and self confident: that's how it started in 1973. Right from the beginning, Byblos defined a relaxed, cross-kind fashion.

Thanks to the first Creative Director, Gianni Versace, the brand developed it's young, easy and colorful DNA. Season after season, Byblos significantly grew in the '80s and the '90s cutting through the fashion scenario.

Byblos nowadays is built upon the fusion of nature and hi-tech, conceiving a design which can be described as sport-chic and futuristic. The collections embrace both contemporary art and music, injecting, within cutting edge fashion scenario, energy and saturated colours.

Technology is encountered mainly in the peculiar applications used, through the processing techniques, finishings and details, but also within the research and innovative approach of the textile choices. Nature, on the other hand, is brought to a new life through the use of eco-friendly materials and the choice of addressing to an environmentally safe and cruelty-free fashion system.

Manuel Facchini is the Creative  Director of the Brand. He developed his career in London, where he studied at the prestigious Saint Martin’s School and was swept away by the spirit of the city.

Byblos roots, colors and freshness mix today's trends to expand worldwide. A new chapter opens up by telling a story filled with freedom and energy combined with an inclusive and matching free expression of being, without boundaries and open mindset.